27. März 2024 Service-Learning for Democracy in Europe

Focus webinar: Service-Learning in STEM for Democracy Competencies (Webinar 7)

How can STEM areas be used to promote democratic competencies? The link between STEM subjects and democracy isn’t always evident in schools, yet a large part of the decisions we make as citizens are science-related, namely those concerning health, climate, and energy.

In this webinar, we will present you Service-Learning (S-L) projects in which learning in STEM areas and civic engagement go hand in hand, giving meaning to curricular subjects that can sometimes seem abstract to students. The multidisciplinary nature of S-L projects will once again be emphasised in an open school that contributes to a fairer and more inclusive society.

(Webinar 7 is part of Module 3)

Was: Focus webinar des online Trainings « Service-Learning for Democracy in Europe. Supporting Teachers in Applying Democratic Competences Models »
Wann: Mittwoch, 27. März 2024, 16:00 - 18.00 Uhr
Wie: Die kostenlose Fortbildung findet auf Englisch statt und wird in Kooperation mit verschiedenen europäischen Partnern im Rahmen des Erasmus+ Programms durchgeführt.
Wer: Für alle an LdE interessierte Menschen an Schule

Anmeldung bis 10. Januar 2024 unter: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeZ72RHQtXjr4FEdocttGTOqY_CKFmAXagDNfW7HUfI2D_R8A/viewform

Alle Infos zum online Training finden Sie hier: https://slead-europe.eu/training/

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